Doğuş Otomotiv 20th Anniversary Performance Highlights

The performance was prepared for and staged at the 20th anniversary dinner of Doğuş Otomotiv which was organized by Efor Events at Çırağan Palace, İstanbul. A 270-degree display area was built in the Ball Room of the Palace to ensure the total visual impact of the performance and enabled guests to experience a unique atmosphere marked with varying dynamism.

The scenography of the performance was materialized via the storyline-music-choreography- and production phases.”Change and adaptation,” “Sustainability,” and “People” were the main themes addressed by the three speakers of the event. The concept of the performance was created based on the content of the speeches.

A rhythmic performance was structured in line with the planned flow of the evening and the speakers were integrated into this structure.The themes addressed by the speakers were associated with the cycle of life starting from childhood. The concept was created as a three-part cycle based on the content of the speeches, and the storyline, choreography and music were queued throughout the three cycles.
Then the visual production was completed in interactive editing.
The storyline was narrated by a dubbing artist in line with the flow of the images projected

The performances of the NOS team in between the parts were accompanied by the music performed by an orchestra. The music for each part was designed and structured individually.