Museum of Energy Mechanical Surface A/V Performance

Museum of Energy Mechanical Surface A/V Performance
DATE : 2014

The Silahtarağa Power Plant is the first power plant of İstanbul. Its engine rooms which were originally built in 1913 and 1921 were reinforced, restored and converted into the santralistanbul Energy Museum in 2007.”

The 100-year old turbines had remained silent since the Silahtarağa Power Plant was shut down in 1983. In 2014, at the end of a 9-month project the plant’s turbines were restarted in its new identity as an Energy Museum, and launched at the opening of the ICEM 2014.

A fictional performance was designed on the three turbines and performed as part of the opening event. For this performance, the engine room space was scanned in 3D and solid models were developed from the scanned data. The project was produced by Hipo Design&Production.

Producer : Hipo
Project Management : Gökhan Okuyucu
Concept Development & Creative Direction : Burcu Ece Yılmaz & Gökhan Okuyucu

Direction and Animation : Ouchhh
Director: Ferdi Alıcı
Lead 3D Artist: Bahadır Dağdelen
Designer and Animators: Ali Say, Bahadır Dağdelen, Eylül Duranağac, Ferdi Alıcı
Sound Designer: Ali Can Okan
3D Modelling : Saygın Şoher & Sarper Şoher
Technical Design : Kaan Kartal & Saygın Şoher
Technical Support : Visions
Render Farm : RenderRider
3D Laser Scan : SolvoTek Mühendislik

Project Coordinator : Burçak Hırka (Hipo)
Documentation: Cansu Turan, Emre Kardeşseven

Documentation Music: Mehmet Ünal (Pan Piper)

Client: Palmet Enerji & İstanbul Bilgi University
Organization: Delano
Event: ICEM International Conference on Energy and Management
Place: santralistanbul Energy Museum